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Origins: A Family Legacy

Roger & Eric Emil

Roger and Eric Emil grew up in a wooded New Jersey suburb, members of a loving, supportive family. Their father, Sanford Emil, is an engineer, an inventor, and a businessman determined to stake his financial claim in the world. With dogged persistence, and a bold, entrepreneurial spirit, he successfully established Rule One, Inc. The company produces a cutting tool used in manufacturing, by the medical, literary, music, film, and advertising industries.

During the years while Sanford was growing his business, Roger and Eric were on very different life paths. Roger was pursuing a career in Biology at the University of Bridgeport in Conn., when he moved to California, to continue his education at UC Santa Barbara. Meanwhile, Eric was producing pottery, and working toward a degree in Art History, first at Glassboro State College and
later, at Montclair State University, in New Jersey.

Over the years, each had spent enough time at Rule One to have full knowledge of what the business entailed. When, in the 70’s the siblings were invited to join the company, each had to make the decision for himself. In the end, both brothers chose to become part of a family legacy. Thirty-five years later, and still thriving, Rule One, Inc. was gifted by Sanford to his sons, upon his retirement in 2004.

Siblings Without Rivalry

The Next Generation – SteelArtz

Roger and Eric are brothers who get along well. Maybe that’s why their business is still going strong. Working together as Co-Owners, amiably, side by side, they’ve kept Rule One, Inc. growing. But, the economic climate is challenging most small businesses these days. So, Roger and Eric began to consider supplemental sources of income. Perhaps the tools of their trade could be utilized for more artistic, creative endeavors.

Modeling the visionary spirit they inherited, the brothers set about finding a re-application of their production skills. Roger works with wood. Eric bends steel. Eric loves to doodle, Roger loves precision. By tweaking, adjusting, and experimenting with their original product, conceptual became potential, and potential became tangible. A successful prototype was produced. It was a finished, marketable design – sleek, polished, contemporary – their new product! Soon, excited brainstorming sessions took place, input from family and friends was invited, ideas flowed, and a business plan took form. Finally, its name emerged… and “SteelArtz” was born!

Evolving organically, the SteelArtz concept has grown – expanding to include both the Definitive (words, pictures, slogans, and icons that are recognizable as such) and the Abstract (geometrical, sculptural forms). Roger’s precision, Eric’s doodles. The design possibilities, and the placement applications for this new product are virtually endless. It is a spectacularly unique, interior design art form, forged from the skills that Eric and Roger have honed for decades. Equally impressive in a professional or home setting, your design choices range from the charming to the classic; the comical to the highly-sophisticated. We invite you to join us in the debut of our family’s newest legacy – SteelArtz!