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Customization is our Specialty

Steel Artz!

Steel Artz!

A SteelArtz design consists of polished, steel components, which are hand-bent, and then meticulously embedded in either a contemporary clear or classic wooden (oak, birch or maple) base. It is a uniquely specialized art form: dynamic, touchable, three-dimensional sculpture for the home or professional setting.

While intricate and precise in its construction process, a SteelArtz design is at the same time, conceptually free form. By offering both Definitive and Abstract Product Lines, your purchasing choices range from many sizes of recognizable words and symbols, to large, spectacularly complex, interpretive designs. And, we offer a wide array of product choices within those two lines, with items available to fit every budget.

Customization is our specialty! We can personalize your gift-giving with logos, icons, images, names, slogans or sayings.

Examples of our product applications are listed below:

    • Professional Buildings / Lobby Installations
    • Fine Home – Wall Décor
    • Professional Offices
    • Executive Gifts
    • Sports Slogans and Icons (Tennis, Golf…)
    • Specialty Store Signs (Deli, Bar, Bakery)
    • Inspirational Sayings
    • Religious and Spiritual Symbols
    • Iconic Images (heart, peace sign, etc.)
    • Practical Products – Mirrors, Clocks
    • Organizations – Clubs
    • Charity Causes, Slogans and Icons
    • Customizations: Personalized Names – Kids/Grandkids, Family Crest, New Baby
    • Engagement/Wedding Gifts – Personalized